Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bowling Math Work Station

I posted a new math work station on TPT just in time for the big Back to School Sale that starts tomorrow in a few hours.   I'm as excited as I get on the night before Christmas. I have quite a few units that I will be purchasing tomorrow!  What about you? I will be offering 20% off all my products and TPT will offer an addition 10% for a total of 28%.  Be sure to use code BTS12 on checkout.

To play this game students choose a gameboard and then take turns choosing 2 cards.  If the cards 'make 10' they get to place a 10 card on their gameboard.  The next time they 'make 10' they would place a 20 card on their gameboard.  Play continues until a player gets to 100.  An I Can... card is included to increase student independence.
Here's a peek at what you get.  Just print and it's ready to go!
You can find this work station here at my TPT store.
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  2. Your bowling game looks great! Hopefully I have succeeded in following your blog!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading to the end of the post! I didn't see you email so hit 'reply' on your post so I hope you got your work station. If not, let me know!

    2. Hi Thanks for replying. Sorry I didn't put my email address it's Unfortunately I didn't recieve the work station, maybe now I might! I'm new to blogging!!!
      Your blog is great! I have bought a few of your games on TPT and my class love them.

    3. Thanks for the email! I'm sending it now! I hope you enjoy it!