Sunday, June 21, 2015

Math Mirror Words

Yikes! I just noticed that my last post was over a month ago!!  It's crazy how life gets busy at the end of the school year and the days/weeks just seem to blur together!  Hopefully, I'll be around a little more often now that school is done :)

As a special request by an AMAZING customer who has purchased over 100 of my products (yes, I said 100) I have made a new mirror words learning pack,  This one can be used cross-curricular between math and literacy.

Students use a mirror to read backward math words then print the words.  There is also the option of finding them in a word search which will be  good challenge for some students.

Each page is included in colour and black and white, and of course "I can" student instruction cards are included for each recording option.
This is a perfect companion to my I Spy Math Words pack.

This learning pack can be found in my TPT store HERE

and in my Mirror Words Bundle HERE.

I picked up my mirrors at my local dollar store and the kids get so excited to use them at a center!

As always, I'd love to give a few of these new learning packs away. The first 3 people who comment on this post with their email will receive a copy of Math Mirror Words.