Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Number sense warm up FREEBIE

I thought I'd share a math warm up idea that I use ALL.THE.TIME!

All you need is an empty can and some pennies (or other small objects)

I have students close their eyes while I drop pennies into the can one at a time.  Afterward I see who knows how many I dropped.  I change it up by dropping 2 or more at a time for skip counting and sometimes we start with some pennies already in the can to 'count-on'.

I've posted a free printable in my store so you can jazz up your can if you wish :)  You can download it HERE.

If you have other ideas for using the listening can I'd love to hear them :)

I know that this will become a go-to activity for your class!!
Happy counting!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Planning for next year ...

I'm planning for next year even though I still have 4 school days left of this one :)

Actually ... I'm not, but I've had a few requests for an update to my FREE EDITABLE calendar.  Sorry for the delay, I wanted to get mine back from Staples and check it over before I uploaded it.

So, for those of you on summer break, I hope you are relaxing and having one adventure after another!!!

You can download a copy HERE.  Enjoy and I promise to be back posting new products soon! I have some almost ready to post but just need the time, which I'll have lots of soon!. :)