Sunday, November 9, 2014

Christmas Mirror Words

Happy Sunday!

Since Christmas concert practice has started it's gotten me in the mood for some Christmas shopping and some December planning :)

I've just posted my Christmas Mirror Words HERE in my TPT store.

We've just finished up the Halloween mirror words and my students have been looking for more so they'll be happy!

Students use a mirror to read backward words and record them.  I have included 2 different recording sheets to help with differentiation and an "I can" student instruction card with each.  All pages are also included in black and white.

AND I added it to my Mirror Words Bundle HERE and did not raise the price (yet).  So, if you own it you can download the revised bundle for free!

As always ... a giveway!  The first 3 people who comment will receive a free copy of Christmas Mirror Words.


  1. I would love it. So clever!

  2. My students will love this!

  3. looks great! How on earth do you do that???

    1. I just sent it to you - enjoy! To reverse the words, I just use the text direction :)