Monday, March 3, 2014

Easter Literacy Work Stations

Happy Monday everyone!!!!  I am SO.OVER.WINTER that I've started planning for Easter!!!  I know I'm a little ahead of myself, but this will give you lots of time to get ready too!!

I have my St. Patrick's Day Literacy Work Stations in my Daily 5 stations right now and when I rotate them I'm planning to put these ones in -

Who can resist this busy bunny?  He looks so proud of the mess he made!!!

I've included 6 work stations in both


black and white
Your students will be busy with:
creating compound words,

creating a how-to interactive book about how to paint an Easter egg,

sorting long and short vowels,

unscrambling color words,

putting words in ABC (alphabetical) order

and unscrambling sentences.

You can find this bundle of activities HERE at my TPT store.  As always, I'll send a copy to the first 3 people who comment on this post.

Also, if you haven't had a chance to enter my Wishy-Washy giveaway you'll want to check it out HERE.


  1. This is super cute. Winter is not done with us yet o the east!

    1. Winter is still hanging on here too! Enjoy the centers!!

  2. Oh I hope I am one of the three~

  3. These are lovely, spring is coming soon. My kiddos will have a blast with these literacy centers!!!
    Thanks and take care

  4. Your packets are always wonderful!

    1. Thank you :) Comment #3 and #4 came in at the exact same moment so I've sent you a copy too - enjoy!!

  5. Per usual, I am late again, however; i will get them anyway! They are wonderful.

  6. As always - LOVE your centers!

  7. I love all your freebies and the clip art you use. I don't have many big books and would so love to win one of Mrs. Wishy Washy!!!