Sunday, March 23, 2014

Earth Day Literacy Stations

Happy Sunday everyone! I just came home the sweetest surprise which every teacher will understand.  I had taken my daughter to the mall and left a pile (I mean huge pile) of papers on the counter in a 'to be laminated' pile.  When I came home, not only did my hubby laminate it all, but he cut it all out too.  Wahoo!  I owe him one ;)

Earlier today I posted my newest set of literacy work centers.  They have an Earth Day theme with the cutest graphics!

I LOVE printing my stations out in color

but sometimes I run a little low on ink so included them in black & white.

There's a flap writing book for students to write about the 3R's (reusing,, reducing and recycling),
a color by word family activity,

 sentences to unscramble,

 words to put in ABC order,

 pictures to sort according to their beginning digraph (ch, sh, th and wh)

and compound words to build.

At this time of year my students are so independent during literacy stations.  I LOVE when they are engaged in purposeful activities while I am doing guided reading!

You can find this unit HERE at my TPT store.  

I have to go and reread my report cards (so glad those are done!) and when I return in a few hours I'll randomly choose 3 followers who commented on this post to get receive a copy of this unit.   I used a random generator and will be sending a copy to those who left comments 2, 3 and 7.  I'll be sending it shortly :)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!


  1. These look awesome as usual! I love the superhero kids. My students will love these centers!

  2. I would love to put the unit to work in my stations! I know my students would love them too!

    1. I just sent you an email :) I hope you and your students enjoy the centers.

  3. I love the graphics!

  4. I would love to have these to use in centers! They look awesome.

  5. Adorable!

  6. These are so cute and would make a great center!!!

  7. Look great!

  8. I love the flap booklet idea for the writing! (And the ease of B/W printing!) Everything looks so appealing, too.

  9. I love finding fun things for my kids to do. Makes it so much easier since I just started teaching first grade in Jan.