Sunday, December 22, 2013

T'was the ninth day of Christmas

T'was the ninth day of Christmas ( and the days start getting longer!!!!) and my gift to you is......

50% off a product in my store

Actually, I am continuing to offer one product a day at half price from now until Christmas.

Today is the ninth day
In case you've missed it here's how it works. Every day until Christmas Day, I'm offering one of my best selling products for 50% off for one day only.  Oh, and did I mention that each day the product will get bigger and bigger? So as Christmas gets closer, you'll be able to grab my biggest resource for 50% off!
Today I am offering 50% off my Numbers to 20 Math Stations.
You'll get 8 ready to use math stations, but remember they're only 50% off for today.

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