Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentine Measuring

Are you getting ready for Valentine's Day?  I've got my Valentine non-standard (you could also use an actual ruler, or candy hearts) measuring work station ready to go for next week.
Depending on the level of your students there are 2 different rulers to choose from each with different size hearts.  I have also included colored rulers and black and white rulers.  Last year I used the colored ones, but I think this year I will let them color the black and white version then they can take them home and measure until their hearts content - pun intended!
Students choose a card and record how many hearts they estimate the shape to be then they measure and record the actual measurement.  There is an I can.. card included to help students work independently.
I've left it at school, but I'll take pictures next week of my students using it and post them here :)
This activity is available at my TPT store but I'll send a free copy to the first 2 followers who leave a comment on this post.  Don't forget your email!


  1. EEEEE! Your centers are the BEST!
    Growing Firsties

  2. Looks awesome!!! Crossing my fingers... :)

  3. That's two! I'll be sending you both the activity shortly!

  4. This resources looks great! love the candy heart measurement! Thanks for sharing.
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  5. I just found your fabulous blog and LOVE it! That valentine's day activity looks like a blast - I will definitely be checking it out :) I'm happy to be a new follower!


    1. I'm glad you found me! I love finding new blogs and will be visiting yours :)