Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ice Cream Making 10 and 20

I have been in denial for a few days, but now I admit it ... I'm sick :(  Sinuses, headache, fever, chills ... ugh!  I love my precious firsties, but why do they come with germs????  I'm home eating ice cream and popsicles and sleeping the day away.  I should be working on my new unit, but sadly I just can't get the creative juices flowing today.

The ice cream I just finished eating (did I mention it was chocolate chip mint?) was delicious and made me think of my ice cream make 10 and 20 math stations.

Make 10
Make 20
They are perfect to add to your math tubs for either partner or small group work.  Both of these math stations are available at my TPT store by clicking on the pictures.
At the end of the evening (which will probably be early tonight) I'll choose 2 followers to receive a copy of both of these stations.  Just leave a comment with your email below.  In your comment I'd love to know a theme you might be working on soon (other than holidays).

UPDATE: I randomly chose 3 numbers.  Susanlulu, Maria and Michelle, I will be sending you an email shortly with the ice cream math stations!

Stay healthy everyone!

P.S. Don't forget about the FREEBIE blog hop starting on Friday!!!


  1. Would love to win!

  2. Just about the only flavor of ice cream I like is chocolate chip mint!!!! It just can't be beat! A theme I'm getting ready to teach (besides holidays) would be measurement. Thanks!

  3. Oh, hope you get BETTER!! I just got over almost 3 weeks of terrible bronchitis!

  4. Lovely. I have just started some math tubs with my first graders. This would be wonderful to add. We will start geometry soon, as well as US symbols.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  5. I love the ice cream theme. The idea of scoops to make 10 or 20 was super creative:) I just finished a SuperHero theme and posted on TPT... It was a fun one to make and the kiddos have loved it:)

  6. We're working on memorizing addition facts right now, so this is perfect! We've been studying nonfiction and will be doing animal classification and animal reports soon. Feel better soon.

  7. Great themes! Right now we are finishing up graphing and then moving on to place value. We will also be learning about dental health.

  8. We are reviewing making ten right now! Love these cute activities! The kids would love the ice cream theme! :-)


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