Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yo Ho Ho! Pirate Doubles

Is tomorrow really Monday?  The weekends go by way too fast!  I thought I would write a post before I get into the Sunday night routines. 

Have you seen my Pirate Doubles math work station on my TPT store?  My kiddos love pirates!
I have students work in pairs but included 4 playing cards just in case your groups are a little larger.  To play this game students roll one die, double the number and cover the number on their playing card.  I have included an I can... card to help build student independence.

I would love to give away a copy of my YoHoHo Pirate Doubles math work station to the first 2 followers who leave a comment. Don't forget your email !


  1. These arrrggghhh adorable!!!

    1. Soooo excited! Thanks so much!!! Made my day! It's the first giveaway I've "won" by being an early commenter. Guess it can "pay" to stalk my blogger dashboard! I'm super excited to use these!! This week!!

    2. I'm glad you like it and glad that I found your blog!

  2. Love the pirate theme!

  3. Thanks for stopping by ladies! I hope you enjoy Pirate Doubles!