Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Halloween Tens and Ones Mystery Picture

NOTE:  This product has been updated - please visit HERE

I LOVE mystery pictures and my students do too.  However, I also like for my students to do a little 'work' before they begin coloring on the hundreds chart.  This Halloween Mystery Picture requires students to solve the numbers then color.  For example,

3 tens 4 ones _____
Students need to figure out 34 before they find 34 on the hundreds chart.  They won't even realize they are working on place value.  We teachers are so sneaky !
 I often copy the 2 student pages on an 11 by 17 paper so the students have them side by side.  Another option is to have them do all the solving first then give them the hundreds chart to color.  This is a perfect quiet activity for students as you get closer to Halloween.  You can find it here at my TPT store.
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