Sunday, December 7, 2014

New Year's Planning

Who's ready for Christmas? I wish I was, but I am no where near ready.  I've spent the day making Christmas baking, but am embarrassed to say I have so much to do!

However, I feel more on the ball at school.  My student gifts are wrapped, the concert is this week and I'm planned ahead - wahoo!

Speaking of planning ahead ... I've updated my New Year's mystery picture for 2015 which you can download for FREE HERE at my TPT store.

Students will practice pace value by solving the find the number given the tens and ones, then find the number on the hundreds chart and color.

I hope this helps get you planned for the first day back after Christmas break and if you love it as much as I do then I you'll love he assortment of tens and ones mystery pictures you'll find in my store.  They're available on their own or in a bundle.
Good luck getting ready for the holidays!!


  1. I still have tons to do too! Thank you!

  2. Hey friends I need some help regarding my birthday party planning. Actually I have never arranged any party as my sister used to arrange all my birthday parties. Now she has gone abroad. Can anyone share some tips to arrange a perfect party?