Sunday, March 12, 2017

St. Patrick's Day freebie

Hi all!
I hope you all been well.  I know that I promised to post more often, but man oh man ... life gets busy and the days zoom by!

In the last couple of months I have become Fitbit addicted!  Seriously!!  Do any of you wear one?  If so, I'd love to hear any tips or tricks from you.  Back in January I bought a Charge 2 which I LOVE, then a few weeks later a picked up a Flex 2 because it's smaller, waterproof and I could wear it on the days I didn't want the larger one or was afraid to ruin it.  I've been competing with a few friends at work and it keeps me motivated to keep moving.  Then there are those badges - who knew that I'd be motivated by them and I had no idea how many times a day I ran up and down the stairs!!

Back to business ... I've been doing some lesson planning in preparation for St. Patrick's Day. I have my leprechaun door up and ready for tomorrow and am excited to see what the week will bring.  I have my St. Patrick's Day literacy stations ready to go and my dice games will be put to good use as well.  If interested, you can see more of my St. Patrick's Day activities by clicking on St. Patrick's Day on the menu at the right. ------>

Now for my new freebie. I just loaded a St. Patrick's Day themed number maze to my store.  You can find it by clicking HERE.

Enjoy and I'll visit soon - I promise!!

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