Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Number Mazes

A month or so ago you might remember I posted a 1 to 20 number maze in my store.  While looking for the post to link this one to I see that I neglected to post about it so you may or may not have seen it! - oops!!! It looks like this ...
Students subitize their way through a maze to create a 'path'.  They use numerals, ten frames, tallies, dice and dominoes to reach the finish.

If you haven;t tried the free one, please do - you can find it HERE.  Then if you like it you can look at the 12-pack :)  The free maze is not included in the pack, so even if you purchase the pack you'll still want to download the free one.

You can find the full learning pack HERE.  When trying to decide on a clip art theme I went with camping since your students will be creating a path just like these adorable hikers!

As always, the first 3 people who comment on this post will receive a copy of my newest learning pack.