Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Add or Subtract?

I've had requests to create more resources with the building block theme so here's my latest :)

To play this game students work with a partner or a small group and roll 2 dice, decide if they want to add or subtract the numbers and cover the result on their playing card. They need to do quick mental math and decide is adding or subtracting would benefit their game.

An "I can..." card is included to build student independence.
I have included both color and black and white options.  Given the state of my color ink I should have printed in black and white ... a trip to Staples is in my near future!

Lego pieces as playing pieces would be perfect with this theme :) 

You can find this game HERE in my TPT store and it's part of the CYBER sale that ends at midnight.

As always, the first 3 people to comment on this post will get a copy :)


  1. So cute! My students would love the Lego guys! nl_scannon@seovec.org

  2. This game is super adorable! I love the little Lego characters! Kideducator@comcast.net

  3. my students would have lots of fun with this ! mrsdoucecita@gmail.com thank you!