Monday, July 28, 2014

How I use Sight Words and a freebie (or two)

Yesterday morning I posted a picture on Instagram of the Sight Words Pouches (pencil cases) that I picked up at Target.  Since then I've received a number of emails wondering how I store / use sight words.  Here's a peek into my sight word routine.

First, the picture I posted of the cutest pouches.

At the beginning of the year I stock up on recipe cards at the dollar store.  Each time I teach a new sight word I have the students print the word on a card and store it in their pouch.  The pouches travel home for practice but are returned to school so we can use them each day for practice (see the game below) and to add more.

I jazz them up with a label for the front.  Click HERE to download my labels. I have formatted them to fit on AVERY 5163 labels.  There are 10 on a sheet so I only needed to use 3 sheets :)

One of the games my kiddos love to play is an idea I picked up from a co-worker years ago.  It is called WORDO  - think bingo but no bingo markers!  You can download a copy for FREE by clicking on the picture or HERE.

I've included the directions with the game, but basically students choose 6 words from their pouch and place them on their playing card (which I print 11X17).  The teacher (or caller) calls out sight words and if the player has it they remove it from their card (NO MARKERS NEEDED!).  The winner is the player who clears their card first. EASY PEASY!!!  My students ask to play it ALL.THE.TIME!

I hope you enjoy these sight word freebies :)

If you have ideas for how I can use sight words in my classroom I'd love to hear them.


  1. Super cute idea! I love the idea of no markers! Thanks so much, Carol

    1. You're very welcome :) It's a fave in my room every year!

  2. I love this and I know my students will too. Off to Target to pick up pencil pouches :)


  3. I love the Word-O idea! Fantastic! I think I will do it for Letter Recognition too for my entering Junior Kindergartens (like pre-K I would think). Thanks for the idea!