Sunday, May 18, 2014

Domino Activities

I've been spending some time reading my favorite blogs tonight and am so surprised at how many of you are counting down on your fingers to the last day of school.  We still have 5 weeks left so I admit that I am just a little jealous!!  For those of you with you celebrating your last week this week - ENJOY!!

I have just posted a new mini-unit at my TPT store.  It's a ready to use, print and go set of five domino activities.

What's Included?
1. Flip Flop Facts - Students print the 2 addition sentences for each domino. 
2.Domino Partner Spin - Students spin the spinner then color one of the squares. Can be played individually or with a partner.
3. Number Bonds - Students fill in the missing dots on each domino.
4. Domino Fact Families - Students print the fact families to go with each domino.
5. Domino Code - Students find the dominoes hidden in the picture and use the code to color.

A little of this and that to review what we've learned.
As usual, I'll send a copy to the first 3 people who comment on this post.


  1. My kids love dominoes! What a great way to practice math facts, subitizing and other fun things! I love this creation!


  2. Would LOVE this packet!

  3. Always just behind the others! Looks great!

  4. We're in school until June 27th!! Great packet for end of the year review!!