Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Short Vowel Sorting Station

I am into my Christmas shopping, decorating and of course planning.  With all the excitement I try to keep the routine, yet add in some festive fun.

I plan to use this word work station for a few of my literacy groups to reinforce short vowels.

There are 30 light bulbs and ornaments that need to be sorted onto 5 sorting mats (one each for 'a', 'e', 'i', 'o' and 'u').  I have included an "I can..." student instruction card to keep students on task and a recording sheet for you to monitor their work.  The entire station in included in both color and black and white.

I have just posted this at my TPT store.  You can head over there by clicking HERE.

I'd love to help with your December planning so I'll send a copy to the first 3 people who comment on this post.

Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for willing to help out with my December planning. I would love a copy of your short vowel sort. You rock!!!

    Thanks and take care

  2. Looks like a great unit!

    1. Check your inbox - I hope your students enjoy it!

  3. Perfect fit for my class! By December we've finished all out short vowel word families and we review all the short vowels before beginning long vowels in January! Thank you!