Sunday, October 6, 2013

Turkey Math Station

Last week I posted about our water woes in our basement.  After a week of chaos I'm thrilled to say the rebuilding is done - YAHOO!  My hope is the painting gets done this week and the floors laid.  Fingers crossed that my wish comes true.  I'm tired of living in disorganization - it's driving me CRAZY!!

My students have enjoyed the Pumpkin Sort I blogged about last week and seem to have a good handle on the number 10 so I thought it was time to move along.  I created a station that requires students to think about numbers and show their understanding for the number 12.

At the center students will sort cards into three groups.
less than 12
equal to 12
more than 12
The sorting cards have dice, tallies, an addition sentence and ten frames.  These turkeys are soooo cute in color, but ink is expensive so have included the option of black and white.  An "I can..." card is included to keep students focused and recording sheet to check for understanding and to be sure they were 'working' at their station.

You can find the Turkey Sort here and the Pumpkin Sort here at my TPT store.

As always when I post a new product, I'd like to give a few away.  I'll send a copy to the first 3 people who comment on this post.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. We're doing the Pumpkin Sort you made this week! This will be perfect for November!! Thank you!!!

    1. I'm glad you're using the Pumpkin Sort and hope you enjoy this one too!

  2. These Turkey sort will be great for my Thanksgiving theme!!!!
    I would sure love a copy and thanks so very much.

  3. These look wonderful. You are so creative.