Monday, May 6, 2013

a sale, a bundle and a contest

Have you heard the good news?  Teachers Pay Teachers is having a sale!  It doesn't happen very often, so now is the time to pick up those items sitting on your wish list!
Thanks to Mel at Graphics From the Pond for the graphic!
I will be offering 20% off on all my products at my TPT store.   Be sure to enter the code TAD13 at checkout for an addition 10% off.  Since the addition discount comes off the sale price you will getting a total of 28% off!  Wow!  I know I'll be shopping!
Just in time for the sale I have finally gathered all my I Spy packs into one bundle.  Currently there are 11 products included. 
I Spy - 2 sounds of OO
I Spy - 2 sounds of Y
I Spy Alphabet
A Spy Bossy e
I Spy Rhyming words
I Spy Silent Letters

I Spy Christmas
I Spy Easter
I Spy Halloween
I Spy St. Patrick's Day
I Spy Valentine's Day
I will included all future I Spy units in this bundle, so if you purchase it you'll be getting the new ones too as I add them to the bundle.  All you'll need to do is head over to TPT and re-download.  you can find the bundle by clicking HERE.
Here's a peek:
Before I go to fill up my wish list for tomorrow if you didn't see my post yesterday you need to.  Click on the picture to find out more!
Happy shopping!

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